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Plumbing and Electrical Courses at PCD College

PCD offers plumbing and electrical courses; we have seen how these two courses are of paramount importance in the construction industry. PCD College have expanded their services to include another great qualification. There is always going to be a need for electricians and we excel in giving the required training to be a successful electrician. Now you can obtain a plumbing and electrical certification from the same college. PCD College is renowned for offering an outstanding level of education.

It’s a great advantage to have skills in the plumbing industry; everyone requires these services at some point. Due to the high demand for plumbers, a PCD’s plumbing accreditation can increase your chances of finding a job within the industry.  You could even open your very own plumbing business; this will have you well on your way to success. All this is possible if you equip yourself with the necessary plumbing qualifications offered at PCD College.



Over the years the college have seen an increased success rate, especially in the plumbing industry. We pride ourselves in offering men and women from all walks of life the opportunity to learn and become professionals. With these outstanding results we saw it fit to offer students the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution towards the plumbing or electrical industry. For our ambitious and entrepreneurial minded students we are proud to offer the opportunity to become skilled in both professions.

Now imagine the change you can make to your life as well as in the community at large with both qualifications. Secure your future with either a plumbing qualification, an electrical qualification and for all the top achievers we encourage you to do both.

Call us to enrol for the qualification of your choice. We are considered one of the top colleges that offer students quality electrical and plumbing courses. For a brighter future become a professional in the field of your choice.