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Plumbing 101 from PCD College – Become Qualified Plumbers

The plumbing industry is full of opportunities for qualified plumbers. Once you have obtained your plumbing certificate you have the chance to establish your plumbing career by working as an apprentice at a professional construction or plumbing company.


PCD College offers an accredited basic plumbing course for individuals who are interested in becoming plumbing technicians. Our training course covers a broad spectrum of the plumbing industry. During the course you will learn how to solve basic plumbing problems using the latest techniques and new equipment. At our plumbing school you will gain insight into fundamental aspects of plumbing which include:

 Plumbing Maintenance

The first basic aspect that you will learn at our plumbing school is how to maintain a basic plumbing system. This will help you prevent any plumbing mishaps you may encounter due to negligence. This includes fixing leaking faucets and showers which if not maintained will deteriorate over time.

Cold and Hot Water Systems

PCD College has qualified facilitators, assessors and moderators who are able to give you a better understanding of cold and hot water systems. This entails transporting water from the water main to the rest of the house and repairing the pipe that transport cold water into the heating system.

Repairing Taps and Valves

You will be provided with the basic knowledge of how to repair taps and valves. After attending our basic plumbing course you will be able to identify the different types of valves and come up with methods to apply your skills.

Inspect and Maintain Drainpipes

The basic plumbing courses we offer also covers inspecting and maintain drainpipes. This is expanded on so that by the time you enter the plumbing industry you know how to verify a clogged drain system.