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Jobs you can get with your Plumbing Qualification

PCD College is a plumbing school where you will become the best plumber in a short time both nationally and internationally with our Plumbing Qualification. We offer accredited plumbing courses  that will have you ready to take on the industry. Now, the common problem we encounter is that our students usually find it difficult to find the perfect job; not because of their qualification but because of a job title they haven’t heard of before.

Have no fear graduates, we are about to tell you about all the job positions you can apply for. The following will help get a better idea of exactly which direction to take after completing your course.

With a plumbing qualification, you can become the following:


Pipelayers are responsible for digging and leveling trenches. Once that is done, they lay a number of pipes for drainage, water, sewage or even gas systems.In most cases, you will be dealing with huge pipes.


These are common in the industry and easy to locate. Plumbers are responsible for installing plumbing fixtures, appliances and complex systems in buildings or homes. A day to day example of this is installing water heaters, and fixing sinks and drainage systems.


Being a Pipefitter means you get to work with both low and high pressure pipes. These pipes are used in factories, power plants or air conditioning systems. Your job will be installing, repairing and maintaining the pipe systems.

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