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At PCD college we offer Life Skills Training

Anger management might just be single most important aspect of a person’s life. Stress and anger are killers. Anger has the potential not only to affect the body in negative ways, but your life, job, family, and relationships. It is therefore, for this reason that every individual needs an anger management strategy, an approach to focus on individual empowerment and to keep negative and ruinous feelings in check. Let’s be honest, we all need assistance with a stress strategy, and an anger management program or course may be exactly what you might be looking for. At PCD College, we provide life skills training courses, as our way facilitating and developing a community of responsible and effective individuals in the workplace.

Managing anger does not come naturally to everybody. However, on the grounds that it is a skill, it can be learned as a technique based on solid anger management information and years of research. Our life skills training offers an assortment of services and products from anger management therapy to videos designed specifically around your busy schedule. You can make a decision today that may very well save your life by taking up our life skills training solutions.  

Providing Tailored Training Workshops

PCD life skills provides tailored training workshops and counseling intended to address critical issues affecting us in the work environment and at home:

  • How do we develop and keep up solid effective relationships with colleagues, family and companions?
  • What will enable us to communicate more clearly?
  • How do we overcome anger and other negative emotions?
  • How do we live healthier, happier and more productive lives?
  • How do we create aptitudes that enable us to develop our emotional intelligence?

Our life skills training gives hands-on training intended to provide individuals with the abilities they need – the emotional intelligence, as author Dan Goleman describes it – to lead healthier, happier lives at work and at home. We offer services to companies, government organizations, etc.

We also offer life skills training in conflict resolution and other areas. More information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.