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Accredited Plumbing Courses and Plumbing Trade Test

PCD Plumbing School offers Accredited Plumbing Courses which are recognized nationally and internationally. If you are considering being a professional plumber, PCD College is the perfect institution to begin your career. We offer a variety of plumbing courses that will equip you with the relevant knowledge and skills of the plumbing industry.  The courses we provide have been structured so that you are able to gain valuable knowledge regardless of your plumbing background. Our basic plumbing course addresses: repairing taps and valves, water leak detection and tracing hidden pipe work.


Included in our courses is a plumbing trade test. PCD College provides qualified plumbers with a plumbing trade test in order to assess their acquired individual knowledge, skill and competence. Plumbing is a career path that has numerous opportunities. Once you have obtained your qualification as a plumbing technician you can work for a plumbing company. In order to get experience and an idea of which field within the industry you can focus on.

The plumbing industry is rapidly growing in South Africa; the need for qualified plumbers is becoming a necessity in numerous sectors. Enterprises now require plumbers to be qualified and registered with the national plumber regulator board.  An entry level plumber can earn up to R98, 159 per annum if they have passed the trade test and registered with the Plumbing Industry Registration Board (PIRB). Get the right start to your career by inquiring on our plumbing courses and plumbing trade test.