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3 Reasons to Become a Plumber

PCD Plumbing School is a further education and training Institution that equips learners with comprehensive knowledge of the plumbing industry.  Our plumbing courses cover a broad spectrum of aspects in the plumbing profession such as basic plumbing maintenance, how to repair cold water systems and how to detect water leaks and more.  These are topics that are addressed in our basic plumbing course, which is an 8 day theoretical program.

Become a Plumber

The conventional job is no more; you do not have to be behind a desk following a structured schedule to be respected in society and make decent living.

Below are 3 reasons why you should become a plumber.

Job Security

As a plumber you are assured a stable career in the industry as plumbers are constantly required. Piping systems need maintenance on a regular basis, in case there are damaged pipes in the system. This should be a clear indication of the number of opportunities you will have once you begin building your career.

Numerous Job Opportunities

As mentioned above, plumbing is a profession that is required on a global scale hence PCD Plumbing School offers an internationally recognised certificate.  You can establish your plumbing career abroad with the acquired knowledge and practical experience. You can branch into different paths within the plumbing field; you can specialize in pipefitting, sprinkle fitters, pipe layers and more.


With the necessary skills and experience you can establish your own plumbing company. In this case you have total control over your working hours and the number of staff you want to work with. This is a clear indication that there is room for plumbers to enter the plumbing field. All of which begins by selecting an accredited institution to study towards being a professional.

For more information on accredited plumbing course’s contact PCD Plumbing School.